About Us

Who are we?

Bnei Akiva New Zealand is a non-profit organisation which operates on a volunteer basis as a social group for Jewish youth. We hold weekly recreational and educational activities and host camps bi- annually during the winter and summer school vacations. Bnei is open to Jewish children from school years 3-12 (about ages 8-17). Bnei Akiva provides a positive environment in which education, community and cultural heritage can flourish. Bnei Akiva is run for the youth, by the youth. Through our activities we strive to strengthen the rich cultural heritage of our chanichim (members), by promoting ethics and tolerance, meaningful values and a strong sense of self. This not only benefits the Jewish community, but the philanthropy and altruism endorsed by Bnei also affects society at large. Our members are inspired to participate and contribute to the wider Jewish and New Zealand communities.

What is our goal?

To educate Jewish youth with the values of Torah ve’Avodah – combining a deeply rooted association with Israel together with day-to-day life in accordance with traditional Jewish values. To provide stimulating experiential and informal opportunities for encountering Judaism. Bnei Akiva NZ ensures Jewish continuity and the future of the New Zealand Jewish community.

What do we do?

Bnei Akiva New Zealand runs weekly meetings for the Jewish youth in Auckland and Wellington and conducts leadership courses and holiday camps bi-annually. We also organise community events, such as fairs, fundraisers and dinners. As the Jewish community in New Zealand is small, the active participation of our is essential to the community. The movement plays a vital part in providing youth with education and the sense of belonging. In a world where diversity is not always tolerated, it is easy to feel out of place. Bnei Akiva, however, equips the youth with the tools to know their history and feel proud of their traditions. As a result they have confidence in themselves and a strong social identity. From this solid foundation, they can then go on to make a difference in the world.