Camps – Machanot

Bnei Akiva runs two national camps per year, one choref (winter) and one kaitz (summer) camp.
Camp is an incredible experience for young Jewish people to fully immerse in our religion and culture. We aim to provide a fun, exciting week of engaging and stimulating education whilst also building new friendships
with Jews from all over New Zealand. It’s always rewarding for us to see chanichim form amazing and long-lasting connections with one another.
The Jewish environment we create is incredibly unique. We have crazy high-energy ruach dancing, awesome activities and great Kosher food along with incredible peulot (educational activities) written by our amazing madrichim that teach our Chanichim (participants) about Zionism, Jewish history, traditions, social activism and more.
For more information about future camps, please contact the Rosh Machane (Camp Leader) using the form below, and check out our calendar page for camp dates!

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