Camp Rules

In order to ensure every chanich is able to fully enjoy and gain from the camp experience, we require the behaviour of all participants to reflect the values of Bnei Akiva by following our expectations and camp rules. Please read and discuss these camp rules with your children.

As a chanich/chanicha on camp, I am expected to;

  1. Adhere to the rules and instructions given by madrichim, shlichim and other camp staff
  2. Participate in all programmes and activities to the best of my ability
  3. Respect both myself and my peers
  4. Treat my own, my peers’ and Bnei Akiva New Zealand’s property with care

Camp Rules:

  1. No anti-social behaviour – including swearing and non-participation
    Be mindful of other chanichim and their experience on camp.
  2. No bullying – including teasing, intimidating, insulting and physical violence
  3. No cell phones – cell phones can be a cause of anti-social behaviour and aid bullying.
    a. Juniors should not bring cell phones on camp – they will be confiscated.
    b. Seniors may use cell phones in their free time in their cabin or a shared social space.
  4. No non-Kosher food – non-Kosher food will be confiscated
    We want to create a uniquely Jewish environment, so we ask that only Kosher snacks are brought to camp. Check if a snack is kosher at
  5. No illegal substances
  6. No alcohol or tobacco
  7. No weapons – including pocket knives
  8. No lighters, matches, fireworks etc.
  9. No skateboards, scooters etc.

By signing this form, I, the chanich/chanicha;

  • Acknowledge that I have read and understand the listed expectations & camp rules
  • Agree to meet to the listed expectations and adhere to the camp rules
  • Understand that my parent(s) or legal guardian(s) may be contacted, and I may be sent home prematurely at their expense if I do not meet any of the listed expectations or camp rules